Sustainability Update

Being sustainable is not a new thing. Our family have been farming in South West Lancashire for generations so looking after the soil and environment is something we look to maintain.
Each generation has done their part, and though the days of small scale mixed farms are over, the range of cropping in this area is very different to the so called “prairie monocultures” of arable farms.

Leaf Tracks No 466462
We are Leaf Marque accredited which means we apply a whole farm approach to improving the environment. One part is that we only use chemicals when we really need them, and only the most environmentally friendly options.
We are always looking to improve further, and believe that there is real commercial benefit in looking after our soils and the environment.

Chris has already been working with the Great Soils initiative (a group looking to improve knowledge of Soil health).
Chris on the Great Soils Website

We have just sown a trial of different sorts of green manures – to build soil structure and health between crops of kale, and plan to update you with progress of this work.

Sowing annual green manure trial.

Growing kale, and working to improve soil health.

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