Other Kales

Tronchuda Kale

This is our latest new product. Also known as Portuguese cabbage or Couve Tronchuda.

Almost tulip shaped, it has a large base and a tight wrap, that fans out at the top.
It is available from the end June through to end February.

Grown in Lancashire we find it’s very sweet raw, being sweeter than all other brassicas we have tasted. And our seed supplier reports that is has scored highly in taste panels against Savoy and pointed cabbage.

It’s great thinly sliced into salads and coleslaws and in our opinion the ribs are the sweetest part, not at all stringy and much softer than Spring Greens or Sweethearttm Cabbage.

Of course the most typical use for this kale is to roll the leaves into a cigar shape, thinly slice them and then add just before serving in the classic Portuguese Caldo Verde soup.

If you want to try it check out – Jamie Oliver’s version of Caldo Verde.

Just remember not to cut out the ribs – he wasn’t using Tronchuda Kale!

Variegated Kale


Violet Frise

A very tightly-curled leaf with a paler colour than traditional red kales.


Red Russian Kale

Red Russian Kale comes from Siberia via the US, having been introduced state-side in the 19th Century by Russian traders. It has more frilly leaves than normal red kales, and is also much more frost tolerant so will survive the harshest winter.

Its flavour is less bitter than normal kale.

White/Purple Queen


These come in both white and purple colours and have even more frilly and serrated leaves than Red Russian Kale. They also are very frost hardy, so are available in the coldest months. The leaf texture, and colour means these are ideal for use in Kale salads alongside other greens like Chicory, Rocket etc.

Siberian Kale


Japanese Kamone Kale



Pics: Tom Moggach