Other Kales

Variegated Kales

These look a bit more like traditional cabbage, growing off a shorter stem than other Kales. Of course they are much more colourful, which is retained on cooking. We cook them like normal green kale, to give a more interesting colour on the plate.

variegated kales

Purple/White Queen

The most exaggerated leaf shape of any kale with great colour which increases with colder temperatures. These kales look fabulous on the plate.


White Cloud

White cloud has the most fantastic variegation with white stems alongside a ruffled green leaf.

White Cloud 2

Rainbow Kales

These are a mixture of different coloured small leaf kales all packed together to give a range of vibrant colours in one pack.

Rainbow Kale

Tronchuda Kale

Also known as Portuguese cabbage or Couve Tronchuda. Almost tulip shaped, it has a large base and a tight wrap, that fans out at the top. It is available from the end June through to end February.

Grown in Lancashire we find it’s very sweet raw, being sweeter than all other brassicas we have tasted.

It’s great thinly sliced into salads and coleslaws and in our opinion the ribs are the sweetest part, not at all stringy and much softer than Spring Greens or Sweethearttm Cabbage.


Red Russian and Siberian Kale

Both these kales stand the coldest weather well, and have less frilly but more serrated leaves. They are also milder flavoured that normal Kale.

Red Russina

Red Russian Kale