Italian and Oriental Brassicas

Minestra Nera

An Italian classic from the Campania region, like a cross between Cavolo Nero and Sprouting Broccoli. It literally it means “black soup” and that is how this product was originally used. Thin leaved multi-headed crop with typically 5 heads per 150g pack. This has curled leaves, the colour of Cavolo Nero.

It is easy to prepare by blanching for 3 minutes in boiling water then stir-frying with olive oil, garlic, and leek. Alternatively it can be cooked in an asparagus steamer stems down for 5 mins.

Ricci Spigiarello 20170825_113008


This is a variant of Minestra Nera with a less curled leaf. We use it in the same way as Minestra Nera.

Spigiarello 20170825_113008.jpg


This is very similar to sprouting broccoli, but the stems are softer.


Green Wave Mustard

This oriental brassica adds a hot wasabi-like kick to salads and stir-fries, and looks great too.  We also have an even more frilly variant with the same great taste.

green wave mustard 1


Great colour and  a peppery flavour from Mizuna.


Korean Kale

This oriental Kale looks a bit like Mizuna but has a broader leaf,more Kale-like flavour and extraordinary colour – purple on the top of the leaf, and green on the back.


We grow a couple of types of Komatsuna, which produce lovely whorls of crisp fresh leaves.